This month has come full of good news for printed sensors, as you will find below. Read the latest news and, as always, leave a comment or give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook if you have any suggestions!

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Medical sensors made from cellulose

Credit: Empa

We love nanocellulose. It lies at the very heart of our project, and it is what enables most of our technology. That’s why we are excited to hear new advances in the field, like these sensors that measure metabolic factors such as potassium concentrations. Read more at Azosensors.

Electronics printed directly onto your skin

An e-tattoo with a lightning LED printed onto a finger

Credit: Duke

A couple of months ago we told you about a printing technique that was able to print electronics directly onto a rose petal. Now, a team at Duke University is printing electronics directly onto human skin and lightning up a LED. E-tattoos are not far away!


From sweat to electricity

Researchers from l’Université Grenoble Alpes and UC San Diego (USA) have developed this device that transform the oxygen and lactate present in sweat into electrical energy. Currently it is able to power a LED using a voltage amplifier, but the team is looking to widen its range of applications. Read more>

Innovation contest for greener packaging

Metsä Group launched Better with less, an innovation contest to find new ideas for greener packaging. We can’t wait to see the different ideas proposed by the participants this year!