The project

INNPAPER is a pioneering project in the printed electronics field, that is designing a configurable and recyclable electronic platform based on paper. The project aims to foster the industrial application of paper-based electronics, contributing to reduce the e-waste. To prove the versatility of this technology, INNPAPER will develop three use-cases, oriented towards the food, security and medical sectors.

Some INNPAPER milestones for the next three and a half years are:


February 2018

Definition of the tailored nano-papers and inks required by INNPAPER

March 2018

First stage for the manufacture of the INNPAPER papers and inks

April 2018

Beginning of INNPAPER’s Environmental Life Cycle Assessment

September 2019

Architectures and manufacturing processes flow defined

September 2019

Paper-based individual electronic devices developed

February 2020

Paper-based electronic platform integrating a battery, an ECD and a NFC system tested and available

June 2020

Multifunctional tailor-made papers produced at pilot-scale

December 2020

Use-cases developed and characterized

April 2021

Positive evaluation of the INNPAPER technologies and products from the sustainability perspective available

June 2021

INNPAPER use-cases validated