Multichromic paper-based displays. Working printed batteries. Tailored nano-paper with very good transparency qualities. These are just some of the results we saw last week at our consortium meeting in Lisbon. Over the two days of activity, our partners were able to evaluate the progress of INNPAPER so far, and decide the next steps to take.

Nano-paper from the project, tailored to have a high transparency

One of the results of the project is this cellulose nanopaper, tailored to have a high transparency

We are at a crucial point in our project, with only a year and a half left. In the time we have left, there are several challenges ahead:

  • Organising an Open Call for ideas. Our project is developing three use-cases, but we believe that the technology has many more applications. That’s why we are launching a contest for new ideas. We want people working with printed electronics to explore the possibilities that our paper-based electronic platform opens.
  • Manufacturing and characterising the use-cases. We have been working hard on the separate parts of our platform: sensors, batteries, electrochromic displays… Now it’s time to bring all these items together, to work out the kinks that will come out in this integration process.
  • Planning the multi-site Pilot Line. One of the legacies of our project will be a multi-site pilot line, where companies and researchers will have access to the techniques we have used to develop our platform. To offer the best service possible, we are drafting the details and taking note of the needs of the end-users.

Altogether, these two days have been very productive and have recharged our (printed) batteries to tackle the challenges we have ahead. We want to thank our partner Ynvisible for being an amazing host and showing us their facilities in Almada!

INNAPPER team at the facilities of ynvisible in Lisbon