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Smart Living: how printed electronics are integrated in our homes

As the Internet of Things grows, so does the printed sensors market. That’s why, if you are attending the next LOPEC, you can expect to see a lot more of applications of these sensors in our homes. They’ve called it Smart Living, and it certainly looks interesting!

Rolling organic transistors: a first time!

Researchers by their roll-to-roll printer


Roll-to-roll printing offers many advantages, especially when talking about mass-producing printed material. And now, for the first time, a team of researchers in Sweden has shown that it’s possible to print complete integrated circuits with more than 100 organic electrochemical transistors.

For a stable growth, you need standards

Semiconductor engineering published this interesting tribune on the growth of flexible electronics. It’s a worthy long read that touches many key points: needing standards for better growth, measuring quality in a uniform way and using machine learning to improve these processes.

Printed Electronics keep growing despite global economic slowdown

Among the emerging economical news of a global slowdown, printed electronics could be a field that is well secured to sail through all of it. The Organic and Printed Electronics Association has just released a survey on the business state and they expect a 3% sales growth.