There are no lazy summer days in printed electronics! From new techniques for printing LEDs on paper, to why patients use wearables, July has brought us plenty of news. Read them below and leave a comment or give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook if you have any suggestions!

The road towards paper-printed circuit boards just got easier

With the current roll-out of 5G networks, we can expect the Internet of Things to keep growing, and its applications to multiply. And with them, the amount of potential e-waste. For this reason, every step researchers take to make flexible electronics more sustainable is good news. In this case, the Swabian LED company Lumitronix has developed a way to print LEDs on paper and PET. The technique is called plasma metallization and if you want to know how it works, read this article on Printed Electronics World.

Every step you take, these insoles will be measuring you. For good reasons.

422 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes. Among those suffering the disease, foot ulcers are a common complication. But Bonbouton is a company that is developing smart insoles that help detect these ulcers before they happen, thanks to printed graphene sensors. David Savastano tells the whole story at Printed Electronics Now.

Stretchy, fancy electronics


While wearables are all trendy, researchers are looking for ways to make them more comfortable, less bulky and durable. These researchers at Carnegie Mellon may have just cracked the problem with ElectroDermis: electronics that not only are fully functional, they even look cool!

Good sensors are not enough: patients must like them (and use them)

On our Twitter profile we talk a lot about new sensors coming into market, specially to the health market. Tracking devices to improve diagnostics, paper-based tests for malaria… All these advantages could be thrown into the (recycling) bin if patients don’t use them. And for them to use them, liking the technology is a first step. Read this interesting piece by Amy Baxter on the psychological reasons behind these decisions!