• November top stories, brought by INNPAPER

    Smart labels to transport COVID-19 vaccines at low temperature, wearable sensors that give Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis patients the ability to communicate and printed sensors to test facemasks are among the top stories this month! Catch up with our monthly digest below. Smart labels to ensure safe transport of COVID-19 vaccines This past month, the first COVID-19 vaccines were announced to [...]

June top stories, brought by INNPAPER

Colour-changing paper strips to detect rising carbon dioxide in buildings, beautiful insects made from upcycled e-waste and a flexible, stretchable lithium-ion battery. Catch up on the monthly news from the field of printed electronics in [...]

May top stories, brought by INNPAPER

Printed circuits that you can wet and stretch are exciting developments for smart garments! And in the realm of paper-based circuits, we hear of a new patterning technique for nanocellulose. Read our monthly selection of [...]

April top stories, brought by INNPAPER

As April ends, many countries are still quarantined due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Innovators in the paper industry have risen to the challenge, adapting rapid diagnostic tests to pinpoint the new viral disease. Projects continue, [...]

March top stories, brought by INNPAPER

It has not been an easy month among the confinement due to COVID-19. However, we hope that all of you are safe and enjoy the following selection of Printed Electronics news. Quantum dots: the LED [...]